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Vol. 17. Issue 2.
(April - June 2024)
Original article
Epithelial and stromal thickness profile and lens decentration in myopic orthokeratology
J. González-Pérez, A. Sánchez-García, M.A. Parafita
J Optom. 2024;17:100485
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Job satisfaction of Spanish and Portuguese optometrists
Cristina Alvarez-Peregrina, Alejandro Garcia de la Noceda, Clara Martinez-Perez, Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Tena
J Optom. 2024;17:100492
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Quality of life assessment for nuclear, cortical, posterior subcapsular patients before and after cataract surgery
Zane Jansone-Langina, Andrei Solomatin, Maksims Solomatins, Gunta Krumina
J Optom. 2024;17:100489
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The influence of the tear film on the intraocular pressure and the corneal biomechanical properties analyzed with the Ocular Response Analyzer
Filipe Da Silva, João M. M Linhares, Madalena Lira
J Optom. 2024;17:100488
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Clinical reading-related oculomotor assessment in visual snow syndrome
Barry Tannen, Alina Sample, Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, Noah M. Tannen
J Optom. 2024;17:100500
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Silicone oil insulation effects on flash electroretinogram and visual evoked potential in patients with retinal detachment
Anastasia Papachristou, Argiri Lambraki, Trisevgeni Giannakopoulou, Miltiadis K. Tsilimbaris, Sotiris Plainis
J Optom. 2024;17:100502
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Prevalence of dry eye disease in the low vision population at the University of Colorado
Kaleb Abbott, Kara S. Hanson, James Lally
J Optom. 2024;17:100501
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Citation network analysis on keratoconus
Cesar Villa-Collar, Cristina Alvarez-Peregrina, Clara Martinez-Perez, Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Tena
J Optom. 2024;17:100498
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A systematic review of the impact of childhood vision impairment on reading and literacy in education
Lynne Loh, Mallika Prem-Senthil, Paul A. Constable
J Optom. 2024;17:100495
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Letter to the editor
Author response to ” Comment on: Photosensitivity and filter efficacy in albinism”
Joaquim Torner Jordana, Tanja Hansen, Line Kessel
J Optom. 2024;17:100503
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