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Vol. 17. Issue 1.
(January - March 2024)
Original article
Comparing the effect of benzalkonium chloride-preserved, polyquad-preserved, and preservative-free prostaglandin analogue eye drops on cultured human conjunctival goblet cells
Anne Hedengran, Josefine Freiberg, Pernille May Hansen, Gerard Boix-Lemonche, Tor P. Utheim, Darlene A. Dartt, Goran Petrovski, Steffen Heegaard, Miriam Kolko
J Optom. 2024;17:100481
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Utility of the Actiwatch Spectrum Plus for detecting the outdoor environment and physical activity in children
Einat Shneor, Ariela Gordon-Shaag, Ravid Doron, Julia S. Benoit, Lisa A. Ostrin
J Optom. 2024;17:100483
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Distance horizontal fusional facility (DFF): A new diagnostic vergence test for the acquired brain injury (ABI) population
Barry Tannen, Emma Karlin, Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, Noah Tannen, John Shelley-Tremblay
J Optom. 2024;17:100487
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Impact of active vision therapy compared to conventional patching therapy on visual acuity and stereoacuity in children with amblyopia
Rinkal Suwal, Mahesh Kumar Dev, Bijay Khatri, Deepak Khadka, Arjun Shrestha, Samata Sharma, Madan Prasad Upadhyay
J Optom. 2024;17:100484
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Strategies and attitudes on the management of myopia in clinical practice in Spain - 2022 update
Clara Martínez-Pérez, César Villa-Collar, Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubido, James S. Wolffsohn
J Optom. 2024;17:100496
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National estimate and associated factors of myopia among schoolchildren in Ethiopia: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Molla Yigzaw Birhanu, Getamesay Molla Bekele, Cheru Tesema Leshargie, Selamawit Shita Jemberie
J Optom. 2024;17:100480
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Measuring visual acuity and spherical refraction with smartphone screens emitting blue light
Rosa María Salmerón-Campillo, Félix Tomás Varona-Gómez, Mari Ogino, Stephen Hunter, Vincent Hussey, Donny W. Suh, Rujuta Gore, Mateusz Jaskulski, Norberto López-Gil
J Optom. 2024;17:100494
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Myopia progression in children during home confinement in the COVID-19 pandemic: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Daisy Laan, Emily T.C. Tan, Paulien I. Huis in het Veld, Hinke Marijke Jellema, Kevin Jenniskens
J Optom. 2024;17:100493
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Prevalence of computer vision syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Fabricio Ccami-Bernal, David R. Soriano-Moreno, Milton A. Romero-Robles, Fernanda Barriga-Chambi, Kimberly G. Tuco, Sharong D. Castro-Diaz, Janeth N. Nuñez-Lupaca, Josmel Pacheco-Mendoza, ... Vicente A. Benites-Zapata
J Optom. 2024;17:100482
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Letter to the editor
Comment on: Photosensitivity and filter efficacy in albinism
Mahendra Singh, Suraj Kumar Chaurasiya, Ashish Chander, Radhika
J Optom. 2024;17:100499
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Book review
David A. Atchison, George Smith. Optics of the Human Eye (2nd edition). CRC Press; 2023.
Maria Vinas-Pena
J Optom. 2024;17:100504
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