Journal Information
Vol. 5. Issue 4.
Pages 155-218 (October - December 2012)
Interdisciplinary research in Optometry – Call for papers
Robert Iskander
J Optom. 2012;5:155
Open access
Original articles
Reduced-aperture monovision for presbyopia and the Pulfrich effect
Sotiris Plainis, Dionysia Petratou, Trisevgeni Giannakopoulou, Hema Radhakrishnan, Ioannis G. Pallikaris, William Neil Charman
J Optom. 2012;5:156-63
Open access
Biomechanical properties in corneal refractive therapy during adaptation period and after treatment interruption: A pilot study
Amelia Nieto-Bona, Ana González-Mesa, César Villa-Collar, Amalia Lorente-Velázquez
J Optom. 2012;5:164-70
Open access
Multi-aspheric description of the myopic cornea after different refractive treatments and its correlation with corneal higher order aberrations
António Queirós, César Villa-Collar, Jorge Jorge, Ángel Ramón Gutiérrez, José Manuel González-Méijome
J Optom. 2012;5:171-81
Open access
COVD-QOL questionnaire: An adaptation for school vision screening using Rasch analysis
Nurul Farhana Abu Bakar, Chen Ai Hong, Goh Pik Pin
J Optom. 2012;5:182-7
Open access
Quality of life in Nepalese patients with low vision and the impact of low vision services
Rajendra Gyawali, Nabin Paudel, Prakash Adhikari
J Optom. 2012;5:188-95
Open access
Multifocality changes after LASIK
Samuel Arba Mosquera, Diego de Ortueta
J Optom. 2012;5:202-8
Open access
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