Journal Information
Vol. 6. Issue 3.
Pages 123-174 (July - September 2013)
Five years sharing optometry with a global and multidisciplinary audience
José M. González-Méijome
J Optom. 2013;6:123
Open access
The importance of vitamin D in systemic and ocular wellness
Stuart P. Richer, Joseph J. Pizzimenti
J Optom. 2013;6:124-33
Open access
Original articles
The effect of spectral filters on reading speed and accuracy following stroke
Ian G. Beasley, Leon N. Davies
J Optom. 2013;6:134-40
Open access
Use of the Visante™ OCT to measure the sagittal depth and scleral shape of keratoconus compared to normal corneae: Pilot study
Luigina Sorbara, Jyotsna Maram, Katrin Mueller
J Optom. 2013;6:141-6
Open access
Informed consent in patients undergoing eye surgery: A qualitative study assessing their attitude, knowledge and anxiety level in a community based hospital of Nepal
Sanjay Marasini, Raju Kaiti, Roshan Kumar Mahato, Rajendra Gyawali, Bhagavat Prasad Nepal
J Optom. 2013;6:147-53
Open access
Central corneal thickness and axial length in an adult Nigerian population
Eghosasere Iyamu, Joy Edoghogho Iyamu, Gabriel Amadasun
J Optom. 2013;6:154-60
Open access
Anterior chamber depth measurement in teenagers. Comparison of two techniques
Inmaculada Bueno-Gimeno, Enrique España-Gregori, Andrés Gené-Sampedro, Aitor Lanzagorta-Aresti, Cristina Dualde-Beltrán
J Optom. 2013;6:161-6
Open access
Associations of refractive amblyopia in a population of Iranian children
Mohammad Mazarei, Masoud Aghsaei Fard, Hamid Merat, Ramak Roohipoor
J Optom. 2013;6:167-72
Open access
Scientific letter
Reversible night blindness – A reminder of the increasing importance of vitamin A deficiency in the developed world
Luke J. Clifford, Andrew M.J. Turnbull, Anne M. Denning
J Optom. 2013;6:173-4
Open access
Journal of Optometry

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