Journal Information
Vol. 16. Issue 4.
Pages 245-318 (October - December 2023)
Original articles
Prevalence of refractive error within a Portuguese sample of optometric records
Vera Lúcia Alves Carneiro, José Manuel González-Méijome
J Optom. 2023;16:245-51
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Accuracy and precision of automated subjective refraction in young hyperopes under cycloplegia
Gonzalo Carracedo, Carlos Carpena-Torres, Cristina Pastrana, María Rodríguez-Lafora, María Serramito, Ana Privado-Aroco, Teresa María Espinosa-Vidal
J Optom. 2023;16:252-60
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Reading performance in Portuguese children from second to tenth grade with the MNREAD reading acuity test
Karthikeyan Baskaran, Aurélie Calabrèse, Laura Hernandez-Moreno, Diana Santos, Antonio Filipe Macedo
J Optom. 2023;16:261-7
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Validation of the DYOP visual acuity test
Liat Gantz, Dinah Paritzky, Inbar Wunch, Andrew H. Kageyama, Nadav Wolf, Christina Cherny, Mark Rosenfield
J Optom. 2023;16:268-76
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Impact of strabismus and binocular dysfunctions in the developmental eye movement test and test of visual perception skills: A multicentric and retrospective study
Marc Argilés, Joan Gispets, Núria Lupón, Bernat Sunyer-Grau, Cristina Rovira-Gay, Marta Pérez-Ternero, Marina Berta-Cabañas
J Optom. 2023;16:277-83
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Comparison of the ocular ultrasonic and optical biometry devices in the different quality measurements
Masoud Khorrami-Nejad, Ahmed Mohammed Khodair, Mehdi Khodaparast, Farshid Babapour Mofrad, Farzaneh Dehghanian Nasrabadi
J Optom. 2023;16:284-95
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Who cites optometry journals?
Nathan Efron, Philip B. Morgan, Lyndon W. Jones, Jason J. Nichols
J Optom. 2023;16:296-304
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Efficacy of optometric phototherapy: a systematic review
Zaíra Cervera-Sánchez, Pilar Cacho-Martínez, Ángel García-Muñoz
J Optom. 2023;16:305-14
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Scientific letter
Concussion and vision screening
Christopher Koch, Toner Neros
J Optom. 2023;16:315-6
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Letters to the editor
Review of using the Dyop optotype for acuity and refractions
Allan N Hytowitz
J Optom. 2023;16:317-8
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Letter to the Editor - Reply to Mr. Hytowitz
Liat Gantz, Dinah Paritzky, Mark Rosenfield
J Optom. 2023;16:318
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