Journal Information
Vol. 1. Issue 1.
Pages 1-40 (April - June 2008)
Launch of the Journal of Optometry
Juan Carlos Martínez Moral
J Optom. 2008;1:I
Open access
Welcome to the Journal of Optometry
Robert Montés-Micó, José Manuel González-Méijome
J Optom. 2008;1:1-2
Open access
Letters to the editor
Is it Really Possible to See the Great Wall of China from Space with a Naked Eye?
Norberto López-Gil
J Optom. 2008;1:3-4
Open access
Ethics in Optometric Practice- the Obligations that Define a Profession
Barbara Pierscionek
J Optom. 2008;1:5-7
Open access
Original articles
Association between Offset of the Pupil Center from the Corneal Vertex and Wavefront Aberration
Fan Lu, JiangXiu Wu, Jia Qu, QinMei Wang, ChenChen Xu, XiangTian Zhou, YeYu Shen, Ji C. He
J Optom. 2008;1:8-13
Open access
Tear Film Surface Quality with Soft Contact Lenses Using Dynamic Videokeratoscopy
Miriam Kopf, Fan Yi, D. Robert Iskander, Michael J. Collins, Alyra J. Shaw, Benjamin Straker
J Optom. 2008;1:14-21
Open access
Visual Performance after AcrySof ReSTOR Aspheric Intraocular Lens Implantation
José F. Alfonso, Luis Fernández-Vega, Beatriz Valcárcel, Robert Montés-Micó
J Optom. 2008;1:30-5
Open access
Grading of Iris Color with an Extended Photographic Reference Set
Luuk Franssen, Joris E. Coppens, Thomas J.T.P. van den Berg
J Optom. 2008;1:36-40
Open access
Journal of Optometry

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