Journal Information
Vol. 7. Issue 4.
Pages 177-246 (October - December 2014)
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Charles W. McMonnies
J Optom. 2014;7:177
Open access
Symptomatology associated with accommodative and binocular vision anomalies
Ángel García-Muñoz, Stela Carbonell-Bonete, Pilar Cacho-Martínez
J Optom. 2014;7:178-92
Open access
Original articles
Study on accommodation by autorefraction and dynamic refraction in children
Prabhakar Srinivasapur Krishnacharya
J Optom. 2014;7:193-202
Open access
Design of short Italian sentences to assess near vision performance
Antonio Calossi, Laura Boccardo, Alessandro Fossetti, Wolfgang Radner
J Optom. 2014;7:203-9
Open access
Comparison of reading speed with 3 different log-scaled reading charts
Noor Halilah Buari, Ai-Hong Chen, Nuraini Musa
J Optom. 2014;7:210-6
Open access
Retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in glaucomatous Nepalese eyes and its relation with visual field sensitivity
Safal Khanal, Madhu Thapa, Lyne Racette, Richard Johnson, Pinakin Gunvant Davey, Mahesh Raj Joshi, Gauri Shankar Shrestha
J Optom. 2014;7:217-24
Open access
Acute eclipse retinopathy: A small case series
Nur Khatib, Boris Knyazer, Tova Lifshitz, Jaime Levy
J Optom. 2014;7:225-8
Open access
Effect of age and pop out distracter on attended field of view
Raiju J. Babu, Susan J. Leat, Elizabeth L. Irving
J Optom. 2014;7:229-37
Open access
Scientific letter
Effect of simulated octant visual field defects on the visual evoked potential (VEP)
Naveen K. Yadav, Kenneth J. Ciuffreda
J Optom. 2014;7:238-40
Open access
Case report
Macular pigment optical density spatial distribution measured in a subject with oculocutaneous albinism
Christopher M. Putnam, Pauline J. Bland
J Optom. 2014;7:241-5
Open access
Erratum to: “Under-correction of Human Myopia – Is It Myopigenic?: A Retrospective Analysis of Clinical Refraction Data” [J Optom 7(3) (2014) 147–152]
Balamurali Vasudevan, Christina Esposito, Cody Peterson, Cory Coronado, Kenneth J. Ciuffreda
J Optom. 2014;7:246
Open access
Journal of Optometry

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