Journal Information
Vol. 7. Issue 3.
Pages 111-176 (July - September 2014)
The role of refraction in vision research
David P. Piñero
J Optom. 2014;7:111-2
Open access
Corneal collagen cross-linking: A review
David P.S. O’Brart
J Optom. 2014;7:113-24
Open access
Optic neuritis in pediatric population: A review in current tendencies of diagnosis and management
Rafael José Pérez-Cambrodí, Aránzazu Gómez-Hurtado Cubillana, María L. Merino-Suárez, David P. Piñero-Llorens, Carlos Laria-Ochaita
J Optom. 2014;7:125-30
Open access
Ruptured retinal arterial macroaneurysm: Diagnosis and management
Ashley M. Speilburg, Stephanie A. Klemencic
J Optom. 2014;7:131-7
Open access
Original articles
Analysis of seasonal changes in residual refraction 1-year after corneal laser refractive surgery: a retrospective study
Michiel H.A. Luger, Tobias Ewering, Samuel Arba-Mosquera
J Optom. 2014;7:138-46
Open access
Under-correction of human myopia – Is it myopigenic?: A retrospective analysis of clinical refraction data
Balamurali Vasudevan, Christina Esposito, Cody Peterson, Cory Coronado, Kenneth J. Ciuffreda
J Optom. 2014;7:147-52
Open access
Prevalence of asymptomatic ocular conditions in subjects with refractive-based symptoms
Langis Michaud, Pierre Forcier
J Optom. 2014;7:153-60
Open access
The prevalence of refractive conditions in Puerto Rican adults attending an eye clinic system
Neisha M. Rodriguez, Angel. F. Romero
J Optom. 2014;7:161-7
Open access
Journal of Optometry

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