Journal Information
Vol. 13. Issue 2.
Pages 71-136 (April - June 2020)
Journal of Optometry bibliometrics
José M. González-Méijome
J Optom. 2020;13:71-3
Open access
Review article
The clinical and experimental significance of blinking behavior
Charles W. McMonnies
J Optom. 2020;13:74-80
Open access
Original articles
Comparison of open-ended and close-ended questions to determine signs and symptoms of eye problems among children
Ai-Hong Chen, Nurul-Farhana Abu Bakar, Carly Siu-Yin Lam
J Optom. 2020;13:81-7
Open access
Competencies and training needs of the Portuguese optometrists - a national inquiry
Vera Lúcia Alves Carneiro, Jorge Jorge
J Optom. 2020;13:88-95
Open access
Contrast sensitivity function with soft contact lens wear
Kishor Sapkota, Sandra Franco, Madalena Lira
J Optom. 2020;13:96-101
Open access
The effects of two longpass filters on visual performance
Federica Cozza, Matteo Monzio Compagnoni, Chiara Airoldi, Chiara Braga, Gabriele Nigrotti, Natalia Vlasak, Silvano Larcher, Fabrizio Zeri, Silvia Tavazzi
J Optom. 2020;13:102-12
Open access
National and sub national prevalence of Amblyopia and its trends from 1990 to 2018 in Iran
Elham Ashrafi, Sepideh Jamali, Seyed Farzad Mohammadi, Parinaz Mehdipoor
J Optom. 2020;13:113-9
Open access
Physicochemical stability of contact lenses materials for biomedical applications
Madalena Lira, Cátia Lourenço, Manuela Silva, Gabriela Botelho
J Optom. 2020;13:120-7
Open access
Change in body height, axial length and refractive status over a four-year period in caucasian children and young adults
Stephanie Kearney, Niall C Strang, Bastian Cagnolati, Lyle S Gray
J Optom. 2020;13:128-36
Open access
Journal of Optometry

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