Journal Information
Vol. 2. Issue 2.
Pages 59-100 (April - June 2009)
Darwin and the eye
Rafael Navarro
J Optom. 2009;2:59
Open access
How Could Contact Lens Wearers Be at Risk of Acanthamoeba Infection? A Review
Youhanna W. Ibrahim, David L. Boase, Ian A. Cree
J Optom. 2009;2:60-6
Open access
Case report
Superior Lens Coloboma with Superior Rectus Palsy and Congenital Ptosis
Jitendra Jethani, Vishal R. Sharma, Kenshuk Marwah
J Optom. 2009;2:67-9
Open access
Original articles
The Individual Virtual Eye: a Computer Model for Advanced Intraocular Lens Calculation
Jens Einighammer, Theo Oltrup, Thomas Bende, Benedikt Jean
J Optom. 2009;2:70-82
Open access
Influence of Fogging Lenses and Cycloplegia on Peripheral Refraction
António Queirós, Jorge Jorge, José Manuel González-Méijome
J Optom. 2009;2:83-9
Open access
Base Curve Influence on the Fitting and Comfort of the Senofilcon A Contact Lens
Javier González-Cavada, Octavio Corral, Arancha Niño, Miguel A. Estrella, José A. Fuentes, David Madrid-Costa
J Optom. 2009;2:90-3
Open access
Orbscan Evaluation of Corneal Power after Myopic PRK: Placido Disc-Based vs Scanning Slit Topography
Nicola Rosa, Luigi Capasso, Emma Minutillo, Maria Borrelli, Maddalena De Bernardo, Michele Lanza
J Optom. 2009;2:94-100
Open access
Journal of Optometry

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