Journal Information
Vol. 11. Issue 2.
Pages 67-132 (April - June 2018)
Publication bias and the chase for statistical significance
Iván Marín-Franch
J Optom. 2018;11:67-8
Open access
Original articles
Beta2 adrenergic receptor silencing change intraocular pressure in New Zealand rabbits
Patricia Loma, Ana Guzman-Aranguez, Maria J. Perez de Lara, Jesus Pintor
J Optom. 2018;11:69-74
Open access
More sensitive correlation of afferent pupillary defect with ganglion cell complex
Eulogio Besada, Barry J. Frauens, Rim Makhlouf, Diana Shechtman, Julie Rodman, Marlon Demeritt, Patrick Hardigan
J Optom. 2018;11:75-85
Open access
Orbital magnetic resonance imaging is useful in age-related distance esotropia
Pilar Gómez de Liaño Sanchez, Gloria Olavarri González, Pilar Merino Sanz, Jose C. Escribano Villafruela
J Optom. 2018;11:86-92
Open access
Influence of refractive error on pupillary dynamics in the normal and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) populations
James Q. Truong, Nabin R. Joshi, Kenneth J. Ciuffreda
J Optom. 2018;11:93-102
Open access
Visual outcomes and management after corneal refractive surgery: A review
Ane Murueta-Goyena, Pilar Cañadas
J Optom. 2018;11:121-9
Open access
Letters to the editor
Evaluation of Goldmann applanation tonometry, rebound tonometry and dynamic contour tonometry in keratoconus
Maddalena De Bernardo, Nicola Rosa
J Optom. 2018;11:130-1
Open access
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