Journal Information
Vol. 10. Issue 3.
Pages 139-202 (July - September 2017)
Binocular vision in the twenty-first century
Kenneth J. Ciuffreda
J Optom. 2017;10:139-40
Open access
Original articles
Influence of different types of astigmatism on visual acuity
Laura Remón, Juan A. Monsoriu, Walter D. Furlan
J Optom. 2017;10:141-8
Open access
Visual fatigue while watching 3D stimuli from different positions
J. Antonio Aznar-Casanova, August Romeo, Aurora Torrents Gómez, Pedro Martin Enrile
J Optom. 2017;10:149-60
Open access
A Delphi study to develop practical diagnostic guidelines for visual stress (pattern-related visual stress)
Bruce J.W. Evans, Peter M. Allen, Arnold J. Wilkins
J Optom. 2017;10:161-8
Open access
Changes in stimulus and response AC/A ratio with vision therapy in Convergence Insufficiency
Neeraj Kumar Singh, Revathy Mani, Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen
J Optom. 2017;10:169-75
Open access
The effect of letter string length and report condition on letter recognition accuracy
Avesh Raghunandan, Berta Karmazinaite, Andrea S. Rossow
J Optom. 2017;10:176-88
Open access
Botulinum toxin for treatment of restrictive strabismus
Pilar S. Merino, Rebeca E. Vera, Laura G. Mariñas, Pilar S. Gómez de Liaño, Jose V. Escribano
J Optom. 2017;10:189-93
Open access
MyoRing treatment of myopia
Albert Daxer
J Optom. 2017;10:194-8
Open access
Letter to the editor
Letter to the Editor concerning “A systematic review of controlled trials on visual stress using intuitive overlays or colorimeter”
Philip G. Griffiths, Robert H. Taylor, Lisa M. Henderson, Brendan T. Barrett
J Optom. 2017;10:199-200
Open access
Reply to Letter to the Editor by Griffiths et al. commenting on Evans & Allen
Bruce J.W. Evans, Peter M. Allen
J Optom. 2017;10:200-2
Open access
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