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A refined model on flow and oxygen consumption in the human cornea depending on the oxygen tension at the interface cornea/post lens tear film during contact lens wear
Vicente Compañ Moreno, Marcel Aguilella-Arzo, Roxana M. del Castillo, Francisco J. Espinós, Luis Felipe del Castillo
Open access
Available online 14 February 2021
Pupil size differences between female and male patients after cataract surgery
Enrique Ordiñaga-Monreal, Diego Castanera-Gratacós, Fernando Castanera, Isabel Fambuena-Muedra, Fidel Vega, María S. Millán
Open access
Available online 4 February 2021
Relationship between peripheral refraction, axial lengths and parental myopia of young adult myopes
Nana Yaa Koomson, Emmanuel Kobia-Acquah, Mohammed Abdul-Kabir, Usman Mutiat Aderonke, Randolph Jeffrey Kwaw, Elisha Eric Arkhurst
Open access
Available online 31 January 2021
Gender and age distribution of refractive errors in an optometric clinical population
Samuel Otabor Wajuihian, Khathutshelo Percy Mashige
Open access
Available online 22 January 2021
Effects of wearing swimming goggles on non-invasive tear break-up time in a laboratory setting
Jesús Vera, Beatríz Redondo, Rubén Molina, Raimundo Jiménez
Open access
Available online 19 January 2021
Restitution of potential visual acuity in low vision patients with the use of yoke prisms
Samuel N. Markowitz, Jack E. Teplitsky, Maryam Taheri-Shirazi
Open access
Available online 19 January 2021
An Ophthalmologist's Insight Into The Viral Pandemics
Rebika Dhiman, Vaishali Rakheja, Rohit Saxena
Open access
Available online 7 January 2021
Challenges and impact of COVID-19 lockdown on Indian optometry practice: A survey-based study
Siddharth K Karthikeyan, Pooja Nandagopal, Vivek Suganthan R, Anush Nayak
Open access
Open Article
Available online 5 January 2021
The intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cell (ipRGC) mediated pupil response in young adult humans with refractive errors
Ranjay Chakraborty, Michael J. Collins, Henry Kricancic, Daniel Moderiano, Brett Davis, David Alonso-Caneiro, Fan Yi, Karthikeyan Baskaran
Open access
Available online 3 January 2021
An updated review about perceptual learning as a treatment for amblyopia
Antonio Rodán, Elena Candela Marroquín, Laura C. Jara García
Open access
Available online 24 November 2020
Journal of Optometry

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