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The effect of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cell (ipRGC) stimulation on axial length changes to imposed optical defocus in young adults
Ranjay Chakraborty, Michael J. Collins, Henry Kricancic, Brett Davis, David Alonso-Caneiro, Fan Yi, Karthikeyan Baskaran
Open access
Available online 17 May 2022
The impact of low vision on social function: The potential importance of lost visual social cues
Susanne Klauke, Chloe Sondocie, Ione Fine
Open access
Available online 12 May 2022
Prediction of manifest refraction using machine learning ensemble models on wavefront aberrometry data
Carlos S. Hernández, Andrea Gil, Ignacio Casares, Jesús Poderoso, Alec Wehse, Shivang R. Dave, Daryl Lim, Manuel Sánchez-Montañés, Eduardo Lage
Open access
Available online 25 April 2022
Strategies and attitudes on the management of myopia in clinical practice in Spain
Clara Martínez-Pérez, César Villa-Collar, Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubido, James S. Wolffsohn
Open access
Available online 30 March 2022
Topical review of the relationship between contact lens wear and meibomian gland dysfunction
Reut Ifrah, Lluisa Quevedo, Liat Gantz
Open access
Available online 27 March 2022
Visual performance with multifocal corneal gas-permeable contact lenses in young adults: A pilot study
Muteb Alanazi, Patrick Caroline, Matthew Lampa, Maria Liu
Open access
Available online 3 February 2022
A Delphi study to identify and assess professional competencies in the education of optometrists
Guadalupe Rodríguez-Zarzuelo, Ángela Gómez-Niño, Raúl Martín-Herranz
Open access
Available online 19 January 2022
Optometry research in Spain: Topics of interest, institutions and investigators
Genis Cardona, Laura Puigdueta-Carrera, Nathan Efron
Open access
Available online 12 January 2022
Comparison of an open view autorefractor with an open view aberrometer in determining peripheral refraction in children
Pelsin Demir, Antonio Filipe Macedo, Ranjay Chakraborty, Karthikeyan Baskaran
Open access
Available online 10 January 2022
Prevalence of convergence insufficiency among Spanish school children aged 6 to 14 years
Sánchez-Cuadrado Carla, Bueno-Fernández Sara, Cárdenas-Rebollo JM, Palomo-Álvarez Catalina
Open access
Available online 1 January 2022
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