Journal of Optometry Journal of Optometry
Issue number 2
April - June 2015
Vol. 8. Num. 2.
Pages 65-146
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Third-order aberrations in GRIN crystalline lens: A new method based on axial and field rays
Arturo Díaz del Río, Carlos Gómez-Reino, M. Teresa Flores-Arias
J Optom 2015;8:77-85
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Refractive changes in nuclear, cortical and posterior subcapsular cataracts. Effect of the type and grade
Ma Amparo Díez Ajenjo, Ma Carmen García Domene, Cristina Peris Martínez
J Optom 2015;8:86-92
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Ocular higher-order aberrations in a school children population
George Papamastorakis, Sophia Panagopoulou, Militadis K. Tsilimbaris, Ioannis G. Pallikaris, Sotiris Plainis
J Optom 2015;8:93-100
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Designing a new test for contrast sensitivity function measurement with iPad
Manuel Rodríguez-Vallejo, Laura Remón, Juan A. Monsoriu, Walter D. Furlan
J Optom 2015;8:101-8
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Comparison of refractive assessment by wavefront aberrometry, autorefraction, and subjective refraction
Jeffrey R. Bennett, Gina M. Stalboerger, David O. Hodge, Muriel M. Schornack
J Optom 2015;8:109-15
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Color vision in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A pilot visual evoked potential study
Soyeon Kim, Tobias Banaschewski, Rosemary Tannock
J Optom 2015;8:116-30
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The King–Devick test for sideline concussion screening in collegiate football
Danielle F. Leong, Laura J. Balcer, Steven L. Galetta, Greg Evans, Matthew Gimre, David Watt
J Optom 2015;8:131-9
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Identifying visual stress during a routine eye examination
Laura Monger, Arnold Wilkins, Peter Allen
J Optom 2015;8:140-5
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