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Spanish General Council of Optometry
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April 2015 - June 2015
Vol. 08. Num. 02.
Pages 65-145

Journal of Optometry The Journal of Optometry (J Optom) is the scientific peer-reviewed publication of the Spanish General Council of Optometrists ( Audience of J Optom includes Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Visual Scientists as well as undergraduate and post-graduate students in these fields. The J Optom welcomes the submission of original manuscripts and reviews describing clinical and experimental research in the field of Optometry, Ophthalmic Optics, Ocular Surface and Basic and Applied Visual Science in general; research on Instruments and Techniques, Reports of Clinical Cases, and clinically relevant laboratory investigations are also welcomed. The journal will be published every 3 months and is accessible for free on the Internet at The J Optom publishes Full-Length Original Articles, Scientific Letters, Critical Reviews, Editorials, Letters to Editor and other Authors. Manuscripts must be submitted in English language irrespective of the native language of the authors. Within each issue, all abstracts will be translated into Spanish by the Editorial Office. Periodically, selected articles from each issue will be also translated into Spanish in order to spread the scientific knowledge and to expand the readership of the journal.

Vol. 08. Num. 02. April 2015 - June 2015 Pages 65-145
This is the first issue available in English language
EditorialReviewsOriginal Articles
Third-order aberrations in GRIN crystalline lens: A new method based on axial and field rays
Arturo Díaz del Río, Carlos Gómez-Reino, M. Teresa Flores-Arias
J Optom. 2015;08:77-85.
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Refractive changes in nuclear, cortical and posterior subcapsular cataracts. Effect of the type and grade
M a Amparo Díez Ajenjo, M a Carmen García Domene, Cristina Peris Martínez
J Optom. 2015;08:86-92.
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Ocular higher-order aberrations in a school children population
George Papamastorakis, Sophia Panagopoulou, Militadis K. Tsilimbaris, Ioannis G. Pallikaris, Sotiris Plainis
J Optom. 2015;08:93-100.
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Designing a new test for contrast sensitivity function measurement with iPad
Manuel Rodríguez-Vallejo, Laura Remón, Juan A. Monsoriu, Walter D. Furlan
J Optom. 2015;08:101-8.
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Comparison of refractive assessment by wavefront aberrometry, autorefraction, and subjective refraction
Jeffrey R. Bennett, Gina M. Stalboerger, David O. Hodge, Muriel M. Schornack
J Optom. 2015;08:109-15.
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Color vision in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A pilot visual evoked potential study
Soyeon Kim, Tobias Banaschewski, Rosemary Tannock
J Optom. 2015;08:116-30.
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The King–Devick test for sideline concussion screening in collegiate football
Danielle F. Leong, Laura J. Balcer, Steven L. Galetta, Greg Evans, Matthew Gimre, David Watt
J Optom. 2015;08:131-9.
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Identifying visual stress during a routine eye examination
Laura Monger, Arnold Wilkins, Peter Allen
J Optom. 2015;08:140-5.
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